Rachel Hymes ’17

“IWC is the full college experience. There are lots of events for the students to meet and get to know each other. And with all the student groups and activities, there’s always something to do.” View Video


Becca Kokjohn ’16

“I went to a very small high school, so I didn’t want a large university. I didn’t want to sit in a classroom and just blend in.” View Video


Andrew Terrell ’17

“At IWC, you have the full attention of your professors – versus a larger school where you might have 100 students in your class.” View Video

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Athletics Events
Athletics Events
Athletics Events


Teacher Education at Iowa Wesleyan Hosts Advisory Meeting

On Tuesday evening, November 11, the Teacher Education Program at Iowa Wesleyan College invited 38 people from the community of learners to discuss current initiatives in education for the state of Iowa and changes in teacher preparation at Iowa Wesleyan.  This fall advisory meeting combined people from the education program with faculty from other college…

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