Keeping in Touch

Say thanks!
If someone has answered your questions, given you a lead, reviewed your resume or helped in any way it is a good practice to acknowledge their efforts by writing an email or hand-written note that day.

Continue the Conversations
Keeping in touch with your contacts can take several forms including:

  • Letting your contacts know the outcome of your job search
  • Sending an email with a follow up question
  • Looking for contacts at conferences or other events

Pass it On
Continue to grow your network and act as a good steward by passing information you've gathered on to others. This could be as simple as offering to connect your field experience supervisor with resources at IWC or forwarding an article related to a professor's work or conversation you had.

Help Other Succeed
You can serve as a resource for classmates and friends as they begin their own searches. Speak with the Alumni Office to see how you can network with other IWC students when you graduate.