When To Network

When To Network

Freshman year
It's never too early to get to know your professors and advisor. Any extracurricular activities can connect you to other students with similar interests. If you are working on or off campus, make an effort to connect with your boss or supervisor.

Sophomore year
Work with a career counselor to identify industries of interest and conduct informational interviews with people working in those fields. Attend one of the career fairs to learn more and practice talking with employers. Keep an eye out for our Etiquette Dinner, which offers networking opportunities with alumni. Make a point to attend at least one or two events for the weeks that interest you.

Junior year
Make sure your resume and LinkedIn profile are up to date and error-free. Talk with faculty/staff at Iowa Wesleyan College or elsewhere to ask about your interests. As you gain exposure to different fields through internships or volunteering, be sure to connect with people in organizations you are interested in and ask them to recommend similar organizations or colleagues for continued research.

Senior year
If you have a sense of where you'll live after graduation, research and contact relevant professional organizations, companies, and alumni or other contacts. Pace yourself. Set concrete networking goals. Revisit connections you've made during your college career to ask for industry advice, additional contacts, or other ideas.

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