A job interview is usually the final step in the application process and often determines whether or not you will be hired. It is essential that you prepare before interviewing with an employer. Check out the following links to information to ensure you are well prepared for your job interview.

General Interview Questions
Practice for upcoming interviews and hone your interview skills with our sample questions.

Behavioral Interview
Prepare for a behavioral-based interview with these tips and sample questions.

Case Style Interview
Prepare for a case style interview with these tips and sample questions.

Job Interviews by Telephone and Skype
Some employers are turning to other means of interviewing, including the telephone and Skype, as a way to pre-interview potential candidates. This information will give you tips and help you prepare for these less traditional means of interviewing.

How to Answer Job Interview Questions
Employer ask a variety of questions to determine your interest in the job and your qualifications. Check out some tips to help you prepare!

How to Dress for your Interview
Not sure what to wear? Click here for some do's and don'ts regarding interview attire.

You're Done, Now What?
You made it! Now what? This provides etiquette and advice for thanking employers after the interview is complete.