Resumes & Cover Letters

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The recommendations you will find in this section are not rules written in stone; what matters most is that you present your experiences in a manner that is professional and easy to read.

Resume Formatting
Follow these guidelines to format your resume using industry best practices.

Tips for Writing your Resume
These tips ensure that your resume is professional and does justice to your qualifications.

Tips for Writing your Cover Letter
A good cover letter must complement a resume, not repeat it. It must also demonstrate your interest in the position and the employer to which you are applying. In this section you will find tips for writing and formatting your cover letter as well as an example of a professionally written and formatted sample cover letter.

Sample Resumes
Take a look at these examples of professionally written and formatted resumes.

Supporting Materials
Some employers and graduate schools require application materials in addition to a resume. These supplemental materials might include writing samples, letters of recommendation or academic transcripts.

If you are an Iowa Wesleyan student or alumnus and you would like to have a draft of your resume or another job application document reviewed by a member of our staff, please call 319.385.6375 or email to schedule an appointment.