Sample Resumes & Cover Letters

Chronological Resume Sample
This style of resume tends to be more conservative and is most useful for individuals whose work experience is closely related to their desired employment. This style is also preferred for people who have not had extended periods of unemployment between jobs. This format starts with your most recent job and progresses back in time. 

Functional Resume Sample
This style of resume is one of the most commonly used, and works well for people who have limited work experience but do have internship or cooperative experiences. The purpose is to highlight previous employment or volunteer work that has given you the background experience, and transferable skills, for the job you are seeking.

If you choose this style of resume you may want to list the company name first, especially if it is a well-known organization. Otherwise, listing your job title first gives the prospective employer a sense of your work progress and duties. Remember - be consistent in using either the company or job title first. You may also choose to skip jobs that do not apply and you do not have to list in chronological order. It typically looks best if you begin with the most impressive job and work back in order of importance regardless of the dates of employment.

Combination Resume Sample
A combination resume combines the best of both the chronological and functional resume formats. This format allows you to highlight your experience in specific areas of expertise. Typically you would begin with a description of functional skills and qualifications, followed by your employment history in reverse-chronological order. The benefit to this type of resume is that is allows you to state your most revelvant qualifications up front, while also providing an employment timeline. 

Cover Letter Sample
Download an example of a professionally written and formatted cover letter.

Action Verbs
Check out a list of alternative action verbs to use in your resume and cover letter writing.