Interested in starting a program at your organization?

Putting Productive Minds to Work

Iowa Wesleyan College has eager, reliable students looking for experience related to their major and chosen careers. The Field Experience program at IWC requires all students to earn at least 6 hours of academic credit by gaining work experience in a business, agency or organization. Students work under the direction of a site supervisor, typically a manager or program head.

Field Experience and Your Organization:

Please consider placing an Iowa Wesleyan College junior or senior with your firm. Some of the benefits are:

  • Gaining access to a new pool of employees
  • Minimizing recruiting costs by observing potential employees under actual working conditions. Many Iowa Wesleyan students have received job offers at the conclusion of their field experience.
  • Meeting personnel demands during peak periods or for special projects.
  • Establishing visibility and a positive relationship with the college.

What Field Experience Requires

Thoughtful Planning. A job description (goals and expectations) needs to be developed in cooperation with the student.

Time. Site supervisors do invest their time in teaching a student to do tasks that, in some cases, could be done more quickly alone. Training ranges from explaining procedures to advising a student on policies and systems. You are making a commitment to share your knowledge. Time demands decrease and the benefits increase once the student "learns the ropes".

Physical Resources. Students need the space to work and access to the equipment and supplies required to complete assigned tasks.

Compensation. Ideally, students would receive a wage. But some firms regard the hands-on experience as compensation. We encourage host organizations to reward students in any reasonable way, such as professional development or defraying any expenses the student might incur.

Evaluation. Evaluation is an important component of the student's experience and provides a basis for their growth as a professional. Members of the faculty also use employer evaluations of student performance as a factor in assigning a grade for an experience. We require employers to complete both a midpoint and final evaluation on each student intern.

To initiate a Field Experience Program or to learn more, please contact:

Dan Shull
Director of Field Experience
Iowa Wesleyan College

Phone: 385-6358