Internship Spotlight

Shihui Zhang is a senior Business major and a transfer student from Beijing, China. Shihui completed her Field Experience (Internship) as an accounting office assistant at the China HBP Science and Technology Corporation LTD. During the experience Shihui worked with fiscal statements, product costing and general ledger work.

Shihui gained valuable knowledge from her experience, stating: “all the employees I met there were kind and professional. Including my direct supervisor, there are two elders who kept necessary contact with me. They taught me as much as they could, and I indeed reaped valuable knowledge from them.”

“Through the six weeks of the internship, I enhanced my professional ability. With my consistent desire to improve, I believe nothing can stop me from being a successful accountant.”

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Ayla Serrano is originally from Rock Island, Illinois and now residing in Mount Pleasant. As a dual major in Biology and Chemistry at Iowa Wesleyan College, Ayla performed her Field Experience as a laboratory technician at the Henry County Health Center in Mount Pleasant.

During the experience, Ayla worked closely with experienced senior laboratory technicians and the laboratory director. Among Ayla’s responsibilities were phlebotomy (drawing blood), microbiology, hematology (studying and analyzing blood work) and operating the chemical analyzer.

The main responsibility of the HCHC Hospital Lab is to perform those tests that the physician feels are necessary to the treatment of inpatients. The Lab also provides outpatient support for the Physicians Offices in town and the neighboring communities. HCHC Hospital Laboratory also performs Wellness Screenings for several businesses in the county. Wellness Screenings are a group of lab tests that will give the person and their physician a general view of the person's health.

In praise of the field experience, Ayla writes in her analytical paper: “Another benefit of my internship at the blood lab is I have experience in the medical field. I have friends who are graduating college with degrees from other schools who are having trouble getting jobs because they want someone with more experience in their field. However, one of my best friends who graduated from Iowa Wesleyan College this past spring and has a job with another offer in her field as a result of her internship, and the experience she gained from it. Because I have experience in the medical field from my internship, I truly believe that my application with stand apart from the other applications into medical school”

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Jiajun Du is a senior Business major and a transfer student from China. Jiajun completed his Field Experience (Internship) as a management assistant in the personal finance department of the China Construction Bank.

Jiajun was very pleased with his Field Experience; writing in his final paper: “I have learned a lot from this internship. It taught me how to manage my time and how to put my coursework into practice. There is an old Chinese saying you can learn more by travelling a thousand miles than by reading a thousand books”.

Jiajun went on to state; “the internship is an experience on the way to success. It can’t be the goal, because the matter is not whether you get an A, it’s what have you learned from this experience”.

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Tom Barkei is a Criminal Justice major from Aurora, Illinois.  Tom has demonstrated real commitment to his future by choosing to perform 2 valuable internships; one with the United States Postal Inspection Service and another with the U.S. Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

During each experience, Tom was able to receive valuable training in court proceedings, investigations, research and the handling of evidence.  Tom also received experience in surveillance and interrogations.

Iowa Wesleyan College internships provide the student with an opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge in a real world setting.   To that end, Tom found courses in Criminal Law and Individual Rights, Criminal Courts, and Introduction to Criminal Justice to be particularly relevant.

Of his experience with the United States Postal Inspection Service, Tom indicated he “felt like an inspector and not an intern.”

Rachel Grover is from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Her two majors, Psychology and Criminal Justice, have led her to a very rewarding internship with the 8th Judicial District Correctional Facility in Burlington, Iowa.

The 8th Judicial District provides comprehensive adult community corrections programming except prison incarceration. Basic community corrections services are offered in addition to a wide array of special programs and treatment services. During her experience, Rachel’s principal duties included intake of residents, attending court hearings, riding along with the Burlington Police Department, and witnessing polygraph tests.

Rachel’s supervisor stated she was calm, intelligent and thoughtful. She demonstrated a confident and mature demeanor with clients and co-workers. During her final presentation at the end of her experience, Residential Manager Ted Gutman, Parole Officer Andrew Ferguson, and Executive Officer Patrick Lacy presented Rachel with a certificate of commendation. Very few interns are given these awards.

Of the experience Rachel stated, “I could not have asked for a more rounded and excellent experience. This opportunity showed me so many aspects of my work field.”

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