Evening and Online Course Schedule

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Are you a residential or commuter day student?  Do you teach all day and want to take courses at night in early childhood, reading, and special education?  Our course times and format can fit your schedule! 

The Teacher Education Program offers day, evening, and online courses for majors in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, and Educational Foundation.  Evening courses are in accelerated, 8-week format.  Courses offered in the evenings include those that fulfill  requirements of the reading, special education, and early childhood endorsements, as well as required courses for all majors.  Evening students are given priority in the registration process for night classes. 

Secondary education students can find relevant courses listed with their major in the IWC course catalog.

Teacher Education Program courses
 Evening courses  l  Online courses
EVENING courses
EDUC 279 (Spring A) Intro to Early Childhood Education
EDUC 302 (Spring A) Classroom Management
EDUC 323 (Spring A) Elementary School Math Methods
EDUC 324 (Spring A) Primary Literacy Methods
EDUC 332 (Spring A) Elementary School PE and Health Methods
SPED 341 (Spring A) Characteristics of Spec Ed Students
EDUC 303 (Spring B) Elementary School Art Methods
EDUC 331 (Spring B) Elem School Soc Studies Methods
EDUC 342 (Spring B) Intermediate Literacy Methods
EDUC 355 (Spring B) Methods & Materials-Early Childhood Education
SPED 344 (Spring B) Methods/Teaching Strategies for Students w/Disabilities

ONLINE courses (full term)
EDUC 215 Tech Apps in the Classroom K-12
EDUC 338 Children's Literature