Elementary Education Requirements

Elementary Education Major / Licensure

Prospective teachers seeking elementary licensure should plan, at least, a four-year program of study leading to an initial Iowa license. Every candidate must meet the College requirements for graduation. The following courses are required for State licensure as an elementary teacher, and are mandatory for those graduating in 2015 and later:

Required Courses for the Elementary Education Major

EDUC 215 Technological Applications in the Classroom 2 hrs.
EDUC 224 Elementary School Music Methods 2 hrs.
EDUC 261 Early Experience in the Schools 1 hr.
EDUC 262 Participation and Analysis in the Schools 1 hr.
EDUC 263 Participation and Analysis in the Schools 1 hr.
EDUC *294 Foundations of Education 2 hrs.
EDUC *295 Curriculum Development and Evaluation 3 hrs.
EDUC *296 Educational Psychology 3 hrs.
EDUC 301 Education of Exceptional Persons 3 hrs.
EDUC 302 Classroom Management 2 hrs.
EDUC 303 Elementary School Art Methods 2 or 3 hrs.
EDUC 305 Elementary School Science Methods 3 hrs.
EDUC 323 Elementary School Math Methods 3 hrs.
EDUC 324 Primary Literacy Methods 3 hrs.
EDUC 331 Elementary School Social Studies Methods 2 hrs.
EDUC 332 Elementary School PE and Health Methods & Curr. 2 or 3 hrs.
EDUC 338 Children’s Literature 2 hrs.
EDUC 342 Intermediate Literacy Methods 3 hrs.
EDUC 357 Human Relations 1 hr.
EDUC 402 Seminar for Elementary Teachers 1 hr.
EDUC 442 Practicum in Elementary Education 6 or 7 hrs.
EDUC 443 Practicum in Elementary Education 6 or 7 hrs.
*EDUC 294, 295, & 296 must be taken prior to methods courses

Required Support Courses

**Physical Science: BIO 260/PHYS 206/CHEM 105/CHEM 175 4 hrs.
**Earth/space science: BIO 260/PHYS 205 4 hrs.
**Life science: BIO 201/211/241/260 4 hrs.
COMM 140/147 Human Communication Or Intro to Public Speaking 3 hrs.
ENG 105 College Composition and Research 4 hrs.
ENG 201 Writing & Reasarch about Literature 3 hrs.
HIST 125/126 US History Survey: 1603-1877 Or 1877-Present 3 hrs.
MATH 150 Fundamentals of Mathematics and Problem Solving 3 hrs.
MATH Math course numbered 171 or higher 3 hrs.
PSYC 251 Developmental Psychology 3 hrs.
**Students must complete a minimum of 6 hrs. in the sciences, which must include each of Physical science, earth/space science, and life science.

Elementary Education 12 hr. Concentration: In addition to the above courses, each candidate for an elementary school teaching license shall complete a concentration of 12 credit hours or more in a single academic field approved by the Chair of the Teacher Education Program.