Industrial Technology 5-12

All endorsements must have at least 24 hours to meet Iowa Department of Education requirements. Field experiences will add an additional 3-14 hours depending upon the specific endorsements. Students are encouraged to work with an advisor to create a long range plan to ensure an accurate endorsement degree program and timely graduation date.

Please note that checklists do not include field experiences.

ARC 113   Architectural Drafting I    4 hrs.
AUT 106   Intro to Automotive Technology   2 hrs.
AUT 126   Fundamentals of Automotive Servicing   2 hrs.
CAD 172   Intro to CAD: Auto CAD  2 hrs.
CAD 175   Advanced CAD: Auto CAD  2 hrs.
CON 147   Carpentry I  6 hrs.
CON 252   Construction Electricity  3 hrs.
CON 332   Construction Materials & Resources  3 hrs.
DRF 113   Fundamentals of Technical Drafting  3 hrs.
EDUC 396I Secondary Spec Methods: Industrial Technology  3 hrs.
ELT 232 PLC Applications OR ELT 329 Digital Electronics  4 hrs.
MFG 105 Machine Shop Measuring  3 hrs.
MFG 151 CNC Fundamentals  2 hrs.
MFG 258 Lathe Work  4 hrs.
PHY 106 Survey of Physics  4 hrs.
WEL 331 Welding Fundamentals  2 hrs.
EDUC 396I Secondary Special Methods: Industrial Technology  3 hrs.