Mathematics K-8

Mathematics K-8

All endorsements must have at least 24 hours to meet Iowa Department of Education requirements. Field experiences will add an additional 3-14 hours depending upon the specific endorsements. Students are encouraged to work with an advisor to create a long range plan to ensure an accurate endorsement degree program and timely graduation date.

Please note that checklists do not include field experiences.

CS 201 Computer Programming I or CS 202 Comp. Program II - 4 hrs.

EDUC 323 Elementary School Math Methods - 3 hrs.

MATH 150 Fundamentals of Mathematics and Problem Solving - 3 hrs.

MATH 162 College Algebra and Trigonometry - 4 hrs.

MATH 171 Elementary Statistics - 4 hrs.

MATH 221 Discrete Mathematics - 3 hrs.

MATH 231 Calculus I - 4 hrs.

MATH 323 Linear Algebra - 3 hrs.


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Iowa Private College Week

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