Sociology 5-12 / Option 2

Sociology 5-12 / Option 2

All endorsements must have at least 24 hours to meet Iowa Department of Education requirements. Field experiences will add an additional 3-14 hours depending upon the specific endorsements. Students are encouraged to work with an advisor to create a long range plan to ensure an accurate endorsement degree program and timely graduation date.

Please note that checklists do not include field experiences.

30 semester hours in social sciences, which include 15 hours in American history

EDUC 396E Secondary School Special Methods: Social Studies - 3 hrs.

SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology - 3 hrs.

SOC 105 Introduction to Anthropology - 3 hrs.

SOC 243 Social Problems - 3 hrs.

SOC 320 Social Organization - 3 hrs.

SSCI 347 Research Methods - 3 hrs.

Hours in Broad Field of Social Sciences - 15 hrs.


August 24

Unveiling Ceremony for James Harlan Statue

Unveiling Ceremony for James Harlan Statue

02:00 PM
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