English Requirements

The English major requires

ENG 201 Writing and Research about Literature 3 hrs.
ENG 206 Modern Poetry 3 hrs.
ENG 311 Expository Writing 3 hrs.
ENG 333 Masters of British Literature I 3 hrs.
ENG 334 Masters of British Literature II 3 hrs.
ENG 349 Masters of American Literature I 3 hrs.
ENG 350 Masters of American Literature II 3 hrs.
ENG 352 Shakespeare 3 hrs.
ENG 498 Internship in English 6-12 hrs.
ENG 499 Seminar in English 3 hrs.

and six additional credit hours in English to be elected by the student. The major requires COMM 147 as a support course. The English major normally completes an internship of at least six credit hours but may substitute an approved career applications sequence. Bachelor of Arts students must also complete the Language and Literature Division’s foreign language requirement (see above).