Service-Learning Spotlight

Iowa Wesleyan College has been ranked the top college in the country for its institutional commitment to service.

The Washington Monthly, a publication covering politics, government, culture and the media, ranked 350 colleges offering bachelor’s degrees for their contributions to the public good. Iowa Wesleyan ranked first overall in institutional commitment to service. The College also ranked 22nd nationally in the category of community service participation and hours served.

Volunteer Iowa Recognizes IWC Freshman Logan Scholtus


Logan Scholtus is a freshman at Iowa Wesleyan College, in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, where he is pursuing a double major in criminal justice and psychology.

Logan applied and was accepted to the Iowa College AmeriCorps Program at Iowa Wesleyan College, which is sponsored by Iowa Campus Compact.  He has chosen to dedicate at least 300 hours of his time during the 2013-2014 academic year serving the needs of Mount Pleasant's primary food pantry, The Fellowship Cup. Since October 2013, Logan has volunteered over 150 hours and typically spends 10 hours a week at the Fellowship Cup.

Logan enjoys Interacting with the variety of diverse individuals. Some of the activities Logan supports includes food distribution, serving as an assistant to the director for general operating needs, organizing and assisting in special projects like Make a Difference Day, and food drives at the college and in the town.

Logan has demonstrated a sincere dedication and commitment to service-learning and civic engagement at Iowa Wesleyan College and in the Mount Pleasant community. In addition to Logan's service at the Fellowship Cup, he is involved in numerous service oriented clubs on campus. Logan has helped organize alternative break trips and has participated in Habitat for Humanity events. Finally, Logan has successfully balanced his commitment to service with his dedication to his schoolwork. This is evidenced by Logan's 4.0 grade point average and his acceptance to the Dean's list at Iowa Wesleyan College.

Service-Learning 2012-2013 Student of the Year

Jessica Beam: Jessica is only in her second year at Iowa Wesleyan College but she has already distinguished herself as a true servant leader. Jessica has given over 600 hours of her time to service in the last year. Selected to participate in the Iowa College AmeriCorps Program (ICAP), Jessica has developed and led a variety of service projects.

One project close to Jessica’s heart focused on raising funds for a new library to be built on Main Street in her home town of Donnellson, Iowa. Jessica organized a yard sale with items donated from the local community. Through the yard sale Jessica was able to raise over $400 and by a generous matching donation from a community member, Jessica secured nearly $900 for the Donnellson Public Library Project. Jessica’s dedication to service is at the heart of the Wesleyan tradition of service and we are proud to recognize her hard work and commitment.

Service-Learning 2012-2013 Student Award Winners

Jessica Beam: Freshman Spirit of Service Recipient
Cody Tilk: Sophomore Servant
Jamarco Clark: Junior Iris Hart Meinhard Memorial Scholarship Recipient
Jennifer Camarate: Senior Service Scholar

Service-Learning 2012-2013 Professor of the Year

Dr. Lori Muntz: Upon earning a Ph.D. in English from the University of Iowa, Dr. Lori Muntz decided to teach in the English Program at IWC in large part because of the College’s focus on service-learning.  She thinks that a private college like IWC should be an economic, cultural, and educational engine for its region, and service is a powerful means to fuel that engine.  Dr. Muntz’s goal is to build service projects into her academic courses that are sustainable -- that become embedded not only in her courses so they provide superb learning experiences for IWC students but also within Henry County so that engine for change will keep running smoothly.

Service-Learning 2012-2013 Course of the Year

Wesleyan Seminar: At Iowa Wesleyan College students learn the importance of Servant Leadership in their first year freshman seminar course, Wesleyan Seminar.  In Wesleyan Seminar, IWC students focus their attention on a variety of service projects for the Mount Pleasant Community. 

One such service project is the Harlan Fall Festival, which is a fundraising event for the Harlan Elementary School.  IWC students develop activities and games, collect items for the silent auction, and assist as staff for the event.  The funds raised through this event have secured an entirely new set of playground equipment for the school and will help the school purchase new books.  The Harlan Elementary community has greatly appreciated the participation of IWC students, who are a big part of the Festival’s success. 

Another service project students focus their attention on is the annual Henry County Conservation Night Hike.  The Night Hike is geared for elementary age students and designed to educate them about the natural world.  IWC students take on acting roles and put on skits developed by Cari Nicely, naturalist for the Henry County Conservation Department.  The skits typically address natural history and conservation topics related to Iowa, but sometimes they focus on more wide-ranging topics such as endangered species or constellations.  The Henry County Conservation Department has greatly appreciated the participation of IWC students, who are a big part of the Night Hike’s success.

Service-Learning 2012-2013 Community Partner of the Year

The Fellowship Cup: Thank you to the Fellowship Cup for all you do within the Mount Pleasant Community!  The mission of the Fellowship Cup is to provide food, clothing, and shelter to the underserved of Henry County.  Reverend Melisa Bracht-Wagner, Executive Director of the Fellowship Cup, works closely with IWC students and faculty to create meaningful service opportunities that address a variety of needs within Henry County.