Federal Work-Study

Work Study is need-based employment funded by the Federal Work Study program. Awards are based on a financial need calculation using the FAFSA. Students must maintain full time enrollment to be eligible for work study. Work study awards are generally $1200-$2000 per year with the average student working 6-8 hours per week. The work study award is not a guarantee of employment.

Students receive a listing of work study positions. It is the responsibility of the student to set up a meeting with the supervisor for a job interview. The supervisor will contact the Financial Aid Office with an offer to hire. The Financial Aid Office will send an authorization form to the supervisor once all requirements for employment are completed. Students must provide two forms of state/federal ID and complete tax withholding paperwork with the HR office before authorization is completed.

Students are to keep track of their times on a Monthly Auto-calculated Excel time sheet. These time sheets are located on the IWC L: drive under the Human Resources folders in the Student Timesheet folder. There will be a new time sheet saved in this location for each month. It is the responsibility of the Work Study Supervisor to see that their student workers receive the time sheet for the appropriate pay period month.

Student’s timesheets are due to HR no later than the 5th of the month following their monthly pay period. Any time card submitted after this due date will be delayed and processed with the next payroll.