Distinguished Alumni Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award is presented to those who have attained outstanding success and achievement or given extraordinary service to their community, church, country or educational endeavor.

Recent Award Recipients

Brigadier General Lisa Naftzger-Kang ’83, M.S., R.N.

Lisa Naftzger-Kang was born in Morrison, Illinois and has served in a variety of roles including flight nurse, medical readiness officer, flight instructor, chief, standardization and evaluation, squadron chief nurse, squadron commander, chief of the medical division for 22nd Air Force and as the mobilization assistant to the assistant general for medical force development and nursing services. Lisa was promoted to Brigadier General on July 1, 2013. In her civilian life, Lisa is a certified family nurse practitioner and works in the Department of Surgery at a major hospital in Chicago, Illinois. She also serves as an adjunct faculty member for the University of Illinois at Chicago since 1999 as a clinical preceptor for nurse practitioner students. Lisa currently serves as the mobilization assistant to the Air Force Deputy Surgeon General, with headquarters in Falls Church, VA. As the mobilization assistant, she assists the deputy surgeon general in directing the operations of the Air Force Medical Service, comprised of a $7.1 billion, 43,000-person integrated health care delivery system serving 2.4 million beneficiaries at 75 military treatment facilities world-wide. Included in these functions are clinical operations and quality aeromedical evacuation, global force management, readiness strategic medical plans, programs and budget, medical force management and medical information systems management. Lisa coordinates Air Force Medical Service operations through major commands, Joint Service agencies, the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs), the TRICARE Management Activity and the Department of Veterans Affairs. Lisa earned her B.S.N. degree at Iowa Wesleyan College in 1983 with magna cum laude status. In 1992, she completed her M.S. in exercise physiology with an emphasis in cardiac rehabilitation and adult fitness from Ball State University. A second M.S. degree was completed in 1998 from the University of Illinois, Chicago in Public Health Nursing. She is married to Joe Kang and has two children, Kelly and Jennifer.

The Right Reverend Terry A. White ’82, M.Div., B.A.

The Rt. Rev. Terry White was consecrated as the Diocese of Kentucky’s eighth bishop in 2010. White came to Kentucky from Kansas, City, Mo., where he served since 2004 as the dean of Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral in the Diocese of West Missouri. Before being called to Kansas City, he served as rector of Trinity Church, Highland Park, Illinois from 1995 to 2004; associate rector at Christ Church, Winnetka, Illinois, from 1991 to 1995; Vicar of St. Paul’s Church, Plymouth, and St. Boniface, Chilton, Wisconsin, from 1987 to 1991. He was curate of Christ Church, Winnetka, from 1985 to 1987. Terry was born in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa in 1959, and received a B.A. in religion and philosophy from Iowa Wesleyan College in 1982. While in high school, Terry was an announcer at KILJ radio and a regional athletic official in southeast Iowa during his college years. After college, Terry went on to receive his M.Div. from Seabury-Western Theological Seminary in 1985. He was ordained a deacon in 1985 and priest in 1986. While a dean, Terry was a deputy to the 75th and 76th General Conventions, serving as vice chair of the Legislative Committee on the Certification of Minutes in 2006, and as a member of the Legislative Committee on Liturgy, Prayer Book and Music in 2009. In the Diocese Committee, Terry was a board member of Episcopal Community Services for the dioceses of Kansas and West Missouri, and a member the House Abraham Builds steering committee, an interfaith Habitat project in Kansas City. He is also a member of the Christian Leadership Seminar and Project Interchange of the American Jewish Committee, Chicago Chapter. He is married to Linda Sue White. They have two children, Timothy and Rebekah.

Donald M. Hill ’62, Ph.D., B.S.

Donald was born in Iowa in 1942. He was a lifelong member of the United Methodist church and grew up in parsonages throughout Iowa and Ohio. He retired as professor of mathematics at Florida A&M University after 35 years of service where he was recognized twice by his colleagues and students as Teacher of the Year. He received his doctorate from Florida State University, a school that also recognized him as Educator of the Year. He served with great distinction both nationally and internationally in many capacities including as Chairman of the National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council’s U.S. Commission on Mathematical Instruction; Chairman of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics; The Board of Governors of the Mathematical Association of America, was the United States Delegate to the Fifth International Congress on Mathematical Education and was the first Visiting Scholar at the United Methodist African University in Zimbabwe. Donald was named by Florida A&M University’s Black Archives Research Center and Museum to their wall of distinction. He was a major financial contributor to the museum and donated numerous rare and unique African artifacts that were gathered on his numerous professional trips to that continent. He served as a teaching missionary for the United Methodist Church in Zaire and it was there that he found his true calling of teaching young people. His students in African and at Florida A&M University were always the most important part of his work. He earned his B.S. in mathematics at Iowa Wesleyan in 1962, his M.A. in mathematics in 1964 from Dartmouth College and his Ph.D. in math education from Florida State University. Donald passed away in 2009.

Past Award Recipients

2013   Dr. Linda Gerdner '80
2012   Dr. Thomas W Eyler '65
2012   R. Kurt Swaim '72
2011   David Dixon '75
2010   James E. DePriest, Jr. '83
2009   Harvey J. Condon '52
2008    Dr. Dwayne T. Capper ’88
            Mary Helen Cammack Curtis ’42
            Paul E. Davis ’58
            Mark E. Frels ’76
2007    Bryce Richard “Dick” Benedict ’87
2006    Vincent A. Naccarato ’60
            Dr. Elisa P. Bell ’83
2005    Rebecca A.  Boyles ’83
            Rev. W. Clifford Manning ’39, D.D. ’04
2003    John M. Cavanah ’65
2002    Barbara M. Clark ’81
            Dr. Peggy A. Whitson ’81, Sc.D. ’03
2001   Gail Boal Wortmann ’73
2000   Elizabeth Davenport Garrels ’67
            T. L. Henderson ’48
1997    David E. Heaton ’64
1996    Dr. John R. Porter ’59
1995    Col. Dwight R. Dinsmore ’35
1994    Dr. Frank DeLucia ’64
1993    Akihiro Aoki ’68
1992    Dr. Carole J. Buss ’56, L.H.D. ’87
             Douglas E. Gross ’77
1991    Thomas W. Anderson ’65
1990    Dr. Edward I. Stout ’60
            Fred D. Huebner ’43
1989    Donald R. Gibbs ’58
            Norman A. Wulf ’62
            Doris Thomas Elder ’49
1988    A. Holmes Foster ’48
            R. William Severt ’43
1987    Dr. Jacqueline Korf Hultquist ’45
            Shirley R. Blum ’48
1986    Donald C. Byers ’49
            Ronald K. Sable ’63, L.H.D. ’90
1985    Dr. William R. Panje ’65
            Dr. Raymond J. Schlicher ’35
1984    M. Fredric Volkmann ’66
1983    Louise Hall Clark ’31
1982    Dr. William P. Burch ’51
            Donald D. Kim ’61
            Donald E. Young ’50
1981    Charlotte Allen Beck ’37
            Dr. Kenneth A. Craig ’30
            Chester A. Hall ’33
1980    Delmar F. Fruehling ’52
            Donald G. Lewis ’50
            Carol J. Nemitz ’56, L.H.D. ’03
1979    Dr. Sue E. Follon ’63
            Byron F. Johnson ’62, D.B.A. ’86
            Dr. Fredrick Woodard ’61
1978    Ruth DeLong Peterson x36
            A. Lowell Doud ’56, LL.D. ’05
1977    Effie “Jane” Scott Tollett ’22
            Dr. William N. Atkinson ’25
            Martha A. Hayes x51
            A. Kathleen Rodibaugh Bogner ’62
1976    Glen J. James ’33
            Dr. Richard K. Ellis ’20
1975    Rev. Myrtle Saylor Speer ’12
            Dr. Harold C. Huffman ’35
            A. Elizabeth “Betty” Pierce Piercy ’34
1974    Dr. Thomas C. Poulter ’23, Sc.D. ’35
            Sam R. Ewart ’29
1973    Ralph W. Leatherby ’49, LL.D. ’75
            Clifford A. Lee ’30
1972    Clifford H. Buck ’23
            Dr. Mabelle G. McCullough ’43
            A. Holmes Foster ’48
1971    Helen Reich x27
            Dr. Maurice W. Van Allen ’39
            Vernon E. McLearn ’55
1970    Robert K. Webb ’61
            William W. McNeal ’44
            George D. Weiny ’26
1969    R. William Severt ’43
            Dr. Clement N. Isong ’54, LL.D. ’76

1968    Raymond L. Smith ’34
            O. L. Garretson x34
            Harold U. Tackleson ’30
1967    Robert K. Beck ’37, LL.D. ’77
            Pearl E. Brown ’11
           Dr. Fred E. Miller ’30, D.D. ’44
1966    James F. Loper ’31
            Katherine Keyhoe ’23
            Dr. Walter L. Scranton ’30, D.D. ’43
1965    Donald R. Ornduff ’28
            Ray L. Patterson ’34
            Dr. George P. Waugh ’28
1964    Dr. Paul S. Minear ’27, LL.D. ’42
            Edward L. (Jim) Roederer ’37
1963    Vinton H. Rambo ’31
1962    Miles T. Babb ’98
            Suzanne Gardner ’11
            Bishop Russell T. Rauscher ’38, L.H.D. ’62
1961    Dr. Joseph F. Chittum ’24
            Warren B. Hayes ’45
            Dr. Herbert C. Knutson ’36
1960    Elizabeth Blagg Anderson ’27
            Dale W. Caris ’31, Mus.D. ’71
            William G. Lodwick ’14
1959    Dr. Robert W. Poulter ’33
            Arnold W. Salisbury ’35, LL.D. ’62
            Mary Firebaugh Swaney Stuntz ’12, L.H.D. ’80
1958    David A. Armbruster x18
            Dr. Joseph C. Hinsey x22, Sc.D. ’58
            Harold F. McLeran ’25, LL.D. ’63
1957    Henry E. Bradshaw ’31
            Dr. John S. McGavic ’34
            Martha Crane Caris Sc.D. ’29
1956    Dr. William W. Freye
            John W. Chittum ’22, Sc.D. ’61
            Rilea W. Doe ’18
1955    E. A. Hayes ’25, L.H.D. ’64
            Paul S. Gerot ’26
            Dr. James A. Van Allen ’35, Sc.D. ’51
1954    Dr. Helen Walker ’12, LL.D. ’42
            Leslie S. Deal ’11, L.H.D. ’51
1953    Albert I. Lodwick ’25
            Dr. John Wesley Holland ’02, D.D. ’15