Young Alumnus Award

The Distinguished Young Alumni Awards are presented to alumni under 40 who have shown outstanding leadership and a commitment to Iowa Wesleyan College.

Recent Award Recipients

Angela Campbell-Hedges ’07, B.S.N

Angela Campbell-Hedges graduated from Iowa Wesleyan College in 2007 with a B.S. in nursing.
While at Wesleyan, Angela interned in the ER and ICU departments at Great River Medical Center in Burlington, Iowa. Like many Wesleyan students, her field experience turned into a full-time job after graduation. Angela is currently a flight nurse for Medforce, ER nurse for Great River Medical Center, and Nurse clinical educator for Southeastern Community College.

Following the disastrous earthquake in 2010, Angela joined a group of nurses and doctors traveling to Haiti for a mission trip. Moved by the overwhelming need and inspired to do more, Angela co-founded a nonprofit organization called Holistic Humanitarian. Holistic Humanitarian focuses on empowering others and improving all aspects in the lives of the less fortunate. Recently, Holistic Humanitarian joined forces with another Iowan organization called, Love Takes Root, in hopes to not only improve conditions for the needy but teach them to be self-supporting. Together they are now building a permanent structure for an orphanage in Haiti. Holistic Humanitarian is also building a medical clinic, to be completed in November 2014 that will help support the orphanage. Like most Holistic Humanitarian projects, the emphasis on the medical clinic will be on sustainability and it is hoped that within five years, Haitians will be educated and trained to run the clinic themselves. Angela credits her humanitarian spirit to her first mission trip to Mexico for her RSI project at Iowa Wesleyan. She remembers having a class in the slums and how that sparked her fire and love of helping the less fortunate. Angela is married to Dave Hedges and has three children: Timothy, Alex, Annabelle.

Past Award Recipients

2013         Anthony A. Timm ’96
2011         Carla Kath McNamee ’95
2011         Pati Pati ’96
2010         Terry D. McWilliams '93
                 Kimberly J. Johnson '00
2009         John Shirley '00
2008         Fong Her ’96
2007         Colin D. Woods ’95
                  Dr. Douglas D. Sneddon ’89