On Common Ground

On Common Ground


On Common Ground looks to educate the students, faculty, and administration that discrimination and violence based on sexual orientation or sexual identity will not be tolerated. We support members of the community who are coming to accept their sexual orientation, sexual identity, or sexuality. By providing a safe and social interaction with other lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and ally community, we strive to eliminate heterosexism and homophobia.

Officers/Contact Information

Advisor:  Joy Lapp - joy.lapp@iwc.edu
President:  Jessica Gonzalez - jessica.gonzalez@iwc.edu
Vice-President:  Hannah Peeler - hannah.peeler@iwc.edu
Treasurer:  Samantha Morgan - samantha.morgan@iwc.edu
Parliamentarian:  William Peete - william.peete@iwc.edu
Secretary:  MacKenzie Earnest - mackenzie.earnest@iwc.edu

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