Health Services

A successful student experience requires a healthy mind and body.

At Iowa Wesleyan College it is our goal to ensure that students have access to the best possible health care resources to support their educational pursuits. The Office of Student Life serves as a referral source for students for health related concerns. We work closely with community health care providers to ensure students have access to the best possible medical care in our area.

Health Insurance

All students are required to carry health insurance and to provide a copy of an insurance card to the Office of Student Life/Business Office to facilitate more prompt service in the event medical care is needed.

Part-Time Nurse

When students have a non-emergency need to see a physician, they should contact our office for a referral. The college employs a part-time nurse, and during 8:00 a.m. -9:00 a.m. Monday-Friday, students may see the nurse with questions or concerns about personal health. The nurse works with each student and if the student's needs and circumstances indicate the additional services of a physician, the student will be provided a referral to do so.

After hours and emergency care is available through the Emergency Department at Henry County Health Center, at all times. Students should be aware that visits to the emergency department are not covered by the college contract and therefore such costs are the responsibility of the student.

International Students

International students are required to have medical insurance and provide documentation of valid insurance coverage prior to enrolling. Students planning to study at Iowa Wesleyan College may wish to obtain insurance before leaving their home country. For ease of service, students may want to explore insurance plans based in the United States. The following links provide information about a few such policies. The college does not make any recommendation on which program or policy is right for a particular student's situation. We encourage students to discuss their needs and circumstances with family and make the decision that is best for their needs.

All athletes are provided a policy under the Athletic Accident Insurance Plan. The nature of this policy is considered "catastrophic" and is intended to begin coverage once expenses exceed $25,000. For this reason, and because participation in intercollegiate athletics does carry a certain level of risk, students are strongly urged to discuss with their families their particular health needs and circumstances.

While the Office of Student Life does not provide excuses for students absent from classes due to illness, we do assist students in communicating with their instructors and advisors about absences due to health related reasons. Students are encouraged to communicate directly with their instructors when possible, as well as informing our office of absence due to illness, doctor appointments, or family emergencies. All excused absences are solely at the discretion of the individual faculty members.