English-Secondary Teaching Minor

This minor is designed to meet the requirements of the Iowa Department of Education for approval to teach all English in an NCA-approved high school. A teaching minor may be used only in conjunction with a teaching major in another field.

ENG 201 Writing and Research about Literature 3 HRS.
ENG 206 Modern Poetry 3 HRS.
ENG 311 Expository Writing 3 HRS.
ENG 354 Masters of British Literature II 3 HRS.
ENG 348 Readings in Literature for Adolescents 3 HRS.
ENG 349 Masters of American Literature I 3 HRS.
ENG 352 Shakespeare 3 HRS.
ENG 382 Modern English Grammars 3 HRS.
COMM 140 Human Communication (required support course) 3 HRS.
EDUC 396 Secondary School Special Methods* 3 HRS.

*Must be completed prior to the semester of student teaching.