The Heritage Club

The Heritage Club includes those individuals who include Iowa Wesleyan College in their estate plans. They have remembered Iowa Wesleyan in their wills, through an insurance policy or through some form of annuity or trust. The foresight and planning of these individuals allows their lifetime commitments to be honored after death.

Thomas W. Anderson Dr. Waunita W. Hobbie
R. John Badger, Jr. Fredric M. Johnson
Mary A. Bailey Haywood Willa M. Jones
Cleta O. Baker Douglas A. Jorgensen
Edwin A. Balmer Donald D. Kim
Max and Jean Beavers Helen I. Knutson
Robert and Patricia Bensmiller Dr. Martin S. and Nancy Landis
Bernard G. and Helen Berger Sandra Leydens
Glorine F. Berry Dr. Michael V. Lindeen
Adele Bingham David A. Lipinski
Shirley R. Blum (dec.) Dr. Vincent D. and Betty Mahoney
Jurine Borton Moore Alice C. Mans
Betty Ann Brown George L. Martin
Rev. Everett (dec.) and Ione Burham Patricia Barrett Kimball Martin
Rev. Richard E. Burke Judy McCarty
Dixie Burkhart Joyce L. McLearn
Tony J. Burton Dr. Carol J. Nemitz
Doris J. Campbell Irene Norris
Ronald W.Canby Helen Peters
Robert M. Chaney Dorothy R. Peterson
Allen D. Chapman Dr. Dolores Poulter Wilson
Dr. Wesley S. Coe (dec.) William and Geraldine Powell
Harvey J. and Alberta Condon Sharon J. Rexroth
Sandra J. Cornish Dr. Clinton Rila
Hal Cress Barbara Rossow
Judith M. Dennis Dr. Alfred D. Savage
Robert W. Dennis Sally J. Schuck
Rev. Robert Dodder (dec.) Dennis B. Simmons
Clifford Dodds (dec.) Sara J. Sorensen
Mary K. Dooley Jack L. Spooner
Dr. A. Lowell Doud (dec.) George W. Stein (dec.)
Nancy L. Eklund Dr. James F. and Luella Stone
Doris I. Elder Linda S. Strauser
Jan W. Feller Rick Sundin
Isabelle Freymark Russell L. Taylor, Jr.
Steven B. Freymark Winifred K. Thomas
Richard and Dr. Elizabeth Garrels Joseph P. Tonkinson
Joan M. Gerling Dr. Robert L. Tree
Orval and Myral L. Gerloff Robert H. Trump
Terry and Deborah Giannoni Marguerite L. Vandagriff
Linda Gould-Cottrel Fred and Kay Vargason
Maisie Green Dr. David Wang
Michael and Anita Hampton Dale and JoAnna Wendel
Kenneth Hatch Larry and Dr. Lori Wright
Margaret Hileman (dec.) Dr. Leisa S. Youel
  Donald E. Young