The Purple & White Club

Annual gifts of $150 - $499

Chuck and Linda Albright Scott and Janis Mahle
Bruce and Kathy Allen Peter B. Mann
Carter J. Allen Alice C. Mans
Gene M. Alvine Robert D. Marshall
Marian W. Anderson Kathleen McCleary
Anonymous Deb McClintic
Cleta Baker John C. McCoid, II
Mariann Laue Baker Phillip D. McCormick
Donald Beane Richard and Nancy McCormick
Bryant and Pamela Bilderback H. Winn McCray and Robert B. Johnson
Michael W. Bird Peggy McDowell
Barbara B. Bontrager Carla J. McNamee
Rev. David Bracht-Wagner G. Edwards Means
Susan E. Brooks Mediapolis Savings Bank
John and Peggy Brothers Stanley and Kathleen Meyer
Jeffrey and Julie Burgus James R. Mincks (dec.)
Robert and Nancy Callis Bishop James W. Montgomery
Malcolm and Barbara Cochran Gwen Moore
Gary Collins Rev. Michael and Theresa Morgan
Cottage Realty Mount Pleasant Noon Rotary Club
Col. Emery and Janet Crane Michael and Tracy Myers
Celia M. Crawford Carol Newcomb
Rev. Gene and Linda Crossett, Jr. John Newsom
Drs. Frank and Shirley DeLucia Dr. Billy and Georgette Nordyke
Margaret Dentlinger Donald and Betty Oeter
Tyler and Jordie Dingman Dr. William H. Olin, Jr.
Dr. Robert T. Dodder (dec.) P.E.O. Chapter OX Mount Pleasant
Dr. Richardo and Joy Dow y Anaya Dr. Dennis Pedrick
John and Dawn Dunnegan Profile Products, LLC
Edison Gifts Dr. Don and Rev. Ellen Racheter
Robert and Margaret Eichenlaub John and Marilyn Raplinger
Roy Eikeland Dr. Steven Readinger
Harry and Marion Evans, Jr. David L. Riggall
Ivan and Susan Ewing Jane Rizer
Jo Ann Farrell Inavi Saghu
George and Dolores Ferris Edwin J. Saltzman
David and Patricia File Robert and Linda Scarpino
Jack W. Finney Connie L. Schleif
Jon and Debbie Finney Lee and Charmaine Schreiner
Dennis and Alice Fitzpatrick Heidi Seegers
Julie Fopma Sheri L. Seibold
Minnie Fry Chuck and Norma Sengstock
Michael and Donna Gardner Rev. Herbert and Jan Shafer
Amy Garlock Jack R. Sharkey
Myral L. Gerloff Keith Shaver
Frederick A. Gerth Philip and Diana Sicles
Steven and Marcia Gilliland Edward and Laurel Snyder
Golden Eagle Distributing, Mount Pleasant Joan E. Stevens
John and Ann Harnisch Nancy J. Stevens
Dr. John W. Hathaway Robert Stokvis
Steve and Linda Heise Dr. James and Luella Stone
David and Cathy Helman Carol and Robert Stucker
Henry County Auditor's Office Dennis and Becky Swarthout
Dr. Kent and Marilyn Hills Susan Terry
Donald and Gayleen Hingst Keith P. and Minerva Thomas
Sue Berry Hostetler Richard and Laura Thomasey
Dr. Richard Howie Grover F. Thompson
Thelma and Robert Huffer Wayne and Nancy Tolander
Kendra D. Johnson Jerry and Katherine Trickett
Warren Jones Gail Tuttle
Paul C. Juhl United Methodist Women, Mount Pleasant
Rev. Wayne and Mary Kamm Brendan S. Unkrich
Tracy Kamp US Bancorp Foundation
Donald and Vivian Kellar Scott and Lori Vick
Dr. James H. Kent (dec.) Charles and Nancy Walker
David and Lisa Kimball Barry and Carol Wallman
Rita A. King Ronald and Jane Walters
Greg and Paula Kinney Luan Watkins
William and Carol Klopfenstein Dr. R. E. and Barb Welander
Kevin and Lisa Kongable Ted and Linda Widmer
Dr. George and Jane LaMore Linda S. Wilkerson
Arthur and Rosalee Lauer Roger and Doris Williams
Jim and Jane Lauer Victor and Elaine Wilreker
Thomas K. Lembrich Richard and Elnora Woline
Ned and Laurie Lenhart David Woodcock
Donald and Darlene Lewis Steve and Kaye Wright
Fred and Janet Liska, Jr. Keith and Jeanette Wymore
George Q. Lofgren