Iowa Wesleyan College hosts annual Teacher Education Program Advisory Meeting

Monday, November 18, 2013

Teacher Education MeetingOver thirty people gathered for the annual Teacher Education Program Advisory Meeting on the evening of November 14 at Iowa Wesleyan College.  Current students, public school teachers, district administrators, an AEA representative and senator, Rich Taylor discussed educational issues relevant to today’s schools, such as the Common Core Curriculum and the Response to Intervention initiative. 
IWC has been training teachers for over a century and its teacher education program regularly seeks input from all of its stakeholders to better prepare future teachers.  Today, Iowa Wesleyan College has education majors in elementary, early childhood, secondary history, science, math, English, art, music and physical education.  There are approximately 40 - 50 students graduating each year with Iowa licensure.  The many endorsements offered at IWC include reading and special education.  All courses required for the elementary education major are offered in the evening on the IWC campus.