Why I Give

Christopher Van Gels, '93

"I give because Iowa Wesleyan College provided me with the education and social foundation I needed to be successful in my career. The College emphasized social skills, logical reasoning and moral values that have helped shape my work ethic and prepared me to provide appropriate leadership in my personal and professional life as a husband, father, worker and community partner."

Paula Kinney

"I give to support what I believe in and I believe in Iowa Wesleyan College and the educational opportunities it offers to students to realize their dreams. I give because a liberal arts education is still a great opportunity for students to begin to broaden their horizons, realize their potential in the world, and think critically about the world around them. I give because it creates opportunities for everyone which can impact others—even those that we don’t know, in ways that we can’t imagine."

Dennis Pedrick

My gift to Iowa Wesleyan is an important way for me to show my support for the College outside the classroom. To quote long-time Registrar Ed Kropa, “Iowa Wesleyan College does good work,” and my regular contributions help assure the College will continue to do that good work far into the future."

Carla McNamee '95

My husband and I give both monetary and in-kind because we are truly blessed and want to bless others. I am blessed due to the education I received and due to the people I have met through my journey. We are actively involved by attending activities and through hosting dinners. We believe our family can learn from the students and vice versa.