Iowa Wesleyan College participates in a “Rolling Admission,” meaning you can apply at any time and know about your acceptance in just a few weeks. The application for Admission is free online and takes only a few minutes to complete.


You can read about a college all you want, but there’s nothing like seeing it for yourself. That’s why we invite you to experience Iowa Wesleyan College, a place where a campus visit is more than just a tour – it’s an opportunity to involve yourself in our community and discover if our college would be a fit for you.


A private Iowa Wesleyan education is well within reach. With a lower tuition cost than most of its competitors, plus generous financial aid packages, IWC compares favorably with even Iowa’s public institutions. Let us walk you through the financial aid process and help maximize your options. Please contact our Office of Financial Aid at 319.385.6242 or email us at

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